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Products and Services

If you want to know more about products and services my wife and I sell, send us an email at thepulsiphyer@gmail.com (Me) or melodicpulse@gmail.com (Lorraine)

This is my wife's book, Blessings from on High.  It's a memoir of blessings and revelations that she has had.  It's an incredible book.  I believe it can totally change your perspective and relationship with God.  Please submit $10 Canadian in the form below with your email and we'll send you a copy.  *edit* You can now also purchase this book on amazon here: www.amazon.ca/Blessings-High-Lorraine-Pulsipher-ebook/dp/B01F0QFFAS

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I also offer composition services. To any poets or lyricists who want their words put to music, please message me at thepulsiphyer@gmail.com. The form below is to pay for such services after a deal has been made and services completed. To see my store with my original works, please click here.

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