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I have a special project I'm working on.

You can find it here:

This project is all about helping convey the depth of my love for the Savior and my desire to brings others the joy of His gospel and the healing He provides because of and through His atonement. My medium is my music.

My goal with this is to start out by making an EP of 5 or 6 songs using Noise Box studios in Provo, Utah. All the money from this will go towards that.

-This is not about profit for me. I'm not out to make money off of this. Any purchases of the music will help pay for publishing the rest of the songs for the album. I just don't have the funds to pull this off and want to get something on Spotify, iTunes, etc. that will be spiritually uplifting and increase people's faith in Jesus Christ. If my putting this music public on these platforms saves even one life or brings even one soul closer to Christ, it'll all be worth it. Please help me share goodness with the world and don't forget to share, share, share.

Each donor will get a free digital copy of whichever song they choose when the music is completed.

Often times when I'm writing music or "hear" ideas in my head that I know the Spirit spoke to my mind I can picture the music with the Spirit helping to heal and strengthen people's hearts, homes and families.  The songs I want to publish have come straight from lessons I've learned from my own experiences with learning to care for my wife Lorraine's long list of health problems, my personal weaknesses and trials and reflecting on the mind-blowing blessings and guidance I've received in my darkest moments; like when Lorraine has been in the hospital and at her absolute worst with her medical conditions. Much of the feeling in the music comes from so many times in the hospital and at home when I wasn't sure she'd ever be whole again and the terror of the idea that the woman I love most in this world has at times become a totally different person because of the pain; feeling like, after the thousands of hours of phone calls I'd made, arguing with health care professionals and learning medical jargon and the subtleties and complexities of her health, doing so much to help her over the years, that it still hasn't felt like enough to keep her safe from the horrible things she has faced.

Much of it is also has to do with struggling with and overcoming addiction, feeling trapped in what seems like an endless cycle of emotionand pain and then getting the shock of "wow! so this is what it feels like to truly be spiritually free! I had almost forgotten!". The countless hours of scripture study it took to find the answers I needed to clear my perspective enough to recover; those immense moments of clarity when the Spirit helped humble me enough to become willing to abandon anything I needed to to return to Him.

These are the types of moments where my music comes from. I just want to help others understand, through my music, the same lessons Heavenly Father taught me and the gravity of His love He has shown me.

With the Canadian Centennial Celebration for Missionary work in Canada this summer, it would mean the world to me if I could get this out to people before it starts.

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